Move Well Physiotherapy

Shin Splints Program

Use only body weight then add in weight + Thera-band needed for this program

1. Barbell Seated Soleus Calf Raise

Reps x 8, 2 x Sets

Place a small box or weight underneath your feet. Sit on a bench and place your feet on a weight or box. Place a barbell over your thighs this is the starting position. Raise up on toes and hold this position for 2 seconds. Slowly drop back down.

Barbell Seated Soleus Calf Raise

2. Single Leg Squats

Reps x 8 on each leg, 2 x Sets

Stand on the edge of a bench or a stable box. The non-working leg will be off of the box. Push your hips slightly back so they are tilted. Now lower your body into a squat position and hold this position for 4 seconds. Aim to go lower and lower every time you do it.

single leg squats

3. Soleus Bridge

Reps x 12, 2 x Sets

Lie on your back with your knees bent and place your feet on a bench or a box with only your toes touching the box. When ready lift hips up towards the ceiling. Your body weight should only be on your toes so you can feel your soleus working. Advance to single leg.

soleus bridge

4. Glute Activation

Reps x 10, 2 x Sets

Lie on a bench until your hips are centred and slightly on top of it and your hands positioned on the floor in front of you. Lift your legs parallel to the floor and alternately kick your legs up and down. Tighten your gluteals muscles throughout the exercise.

glute activation

5. Lying Hip Flexors

Reps x 8 per side, 2 x Sets

Attach your foot to a pulley machine. Lie flat on your back with your toes pointed upward. Pull your knee to your chest and hold this for two seconds before returning to starting position.

lying hip flexor

6. Anterior Tibialis Strengthening

Reps x 6 on each leg, 3 x Sets

Attach a band to a pole/bench and loop your foot into it. Sit on the ground with straight legs and pull the band up-dorsiflexion and then point your toes into plantar flexion.

anterior tibialis

7. Reverse Lunges

Reps x 6 on each side, 3 x Sets

The reverse lunge is great for developing athletic power. Do this without weight to start. When ready lunge backwards holding this position for two seconds. Then return to starting position. The shin is more vertical during the step-back lunge, with the knee a good distance back from the toes.

reverse lunge