Iron Neck

The Iron Neck was designed to help you achieve your health, safety and endurance goals. That may be on many different fields of competition or simply reducing pain and increasing mobility in every day life. As you become more confident with The Iron Neck, explore it’s power to get the very most out of your neck.

What is The Iron Neck?

iron neck physio perthThe Iron Neck is an innovative approach to training and treating the neck by STRENGTHENING it, the way it naturally moves. Through rotational and diagonal movements, The Iron Neck gives you the freedom to move your head and neck in a safe and controlled manner, building strength in every position and improving range of motion providing a solution for reducing injuries and improving overall wellness.

Move Well Physiotherapy knows that the neck is one of the most UNDERTRAINED and neglected parts of the human body. Move Well Physiotherapy Rivervale cares about your
neck and we have purchased two Iron Neck Pro’s that works with any weight- loaded pulley system or pneumatic resistance bands. Your Move Well Physiotherapist will start you off with the 6 foundational movements, as these are the beginning to discovering your necks position. The Iron Neck moulds to you and can help you develop strength and mobility based on YOUR UNIQUE movements and limitations!


Benefits of training with The Iron Neck?

• Builds Strength
• Improves Flexibility
• Improves Range of movement
• Helps you regain your necks mobility
• Decreases tension headaches
• Improves posture problems (Text Neck)
• Reduces concussion risks in athletes
• Improves Whiplash Symptoms

iron neck physio rivervale


Move Well Physiotherapy suggests some of the situations where you should be training your neck:

• Following a whiplash injury to rehabilitate the neck
• ALL contact sport where ‘hits’ are common such as Rugby, AFL, and Martial Arts etc. A strong neck may reduce the severity of any potential concussions as it may reduce the rattling of the brain after a hit.
• Training the neck extensors may help the upper extremities get stronger.
• It is important to train the neck muscles if the use of the computers and smart phones gives you neck pain or headache, as through range of movement strengthening of these muscles will support you better and they are less likely to fatigue.

If you would like further information please contact Rivervale Physiotherapy on (08) 9361 4041 or download this PDF (1.1 MB) which has examples and illustrations of our whiplash programs as well as more detailed information.