Move Well Physiotherapy FIT IN 20


Warm up for 5 minutes

Repeat each exercise for 1 minute (or for single leg 30 seconds each)

 1. Landmine squat to press

2.  Resistance band lateral walks

3. Backward lunge to step up

4. Hamstring curl on ball

5. Mountain climbers on Bosu Ball

Repeat whole circuit twice

1.  Landmine squat to press

Insert one end of an olympic bar into the landmine, you can then add any extra weight you desire. The landmine is a great exercise to add into your training regime as its always important to add the foundation of athletic movements of pressing, pulling, squatting, lunging and rotation into your workout. Begin by holding the bar in line with your chest and elbows away from your body. Squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Stand up and push the weight away from your body in one movement.

Repeat for 1 minute

landmine squat

2. Resistance band lateral walks

Position a band around your feet. Hold the band around your shoulders to add more resistance. If you have a smaller band the resistance band can be applied closer to the knees for an easier movement or around the ankles for a more advanced movement. With the band in place, assume athletic position, with knees slightly bent, feet shoulder width apart and the head and chest up. Staying low, take a slow, lateral step. Keeping your toes pointed forward.

Walk to the right for 30 seconds and then repeat it on the left side for 30 seconds

resistance band

3. Backward Lunge to step up

Find a bench that is not too high about shin height. Start with your right leg. Step back into a reverse lunge and when your knee is near to the ground, push through from your toes up onto the bench/box. Try not to wobble in this exercise, the uneven load will force your whole body to work.  The reverse lunge step up hybrid enables a bigger range of motion at the hip and builds single leg stability.

Do this for 30 seconds on your right leg and then repeat the same thing on your left leg.

backward lunge
4. Hamstring curl on ball

Begin on the floor by lying on your back with your feet up on the ball. Start with double leg then advance to single leg. Raise your hips off of the ground, keeping your weight on your shoulder blades and your feet. Flex the knees, pulling the ball close to you as you can, contracting your hamstrings.

Repeat for 30 seconds on each leg.

hamstring curl

5. Mountain Climbers on Bosu Ball

Get into a push up position with your hands holding the bosu ball and your toes on the ground. Fully extend your arms, lock your elbows, and maintain a tight trunk. Lift one foot up off the ground and bring your knee past your midline and to the side of your body. This exercise will engage more of your obliques

Repeat this exercise for 1 minute

mountain climbers

Repeat whole circuit twice!