Massage is a hands on natural therapy that has many benefits for both physical and psychological well being.

Regular massage together with exercise and healthy living is now considered to be part of many people’s regular health routine. Massage therapy can be utilised as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of many conditions, including headache, stress, muscle tension or tightness, lymphatic congestion or swelling, and may improve your overall physical and emotional wellbeing.

Many elite sportspeople use massage several times a week as part of their recovery program to decrease muscle soreness and prevent injury. However it can also be used purely for relaxation of tight muscles as an adjunct to joint mobilisations and exercises.

 The benefits of massage are:

– Relief of muscle tension, stiffness and pain
– Increased joint flexibility and range of motion
– Aids relaxation and stress reduction
– Improves circulation
– Improves efficiency of lymphatic drainage system
– Provides relief from tension related headaches
– Improves quality of sleep
– Reduces levels of anxiety

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