Move Well Physiotherapy brings you instructional taping guides. These techniques are done by the Clinical Director of Move Well Physiotherapy. Felicity Kermode teaches the clinical components of the Professional Development Program that all Move Well Physiotherapists complete. Felicity has post graduate degrees in both Sports and Manipulative Physiotherapy and regularly presents physiotherapy courses overseas, teaching physiotherapy skills that she has developed over 25 years working in the profession.

Dry needling for grade 2 hamstring tear

This method includes one deep needle in the hamstring attachment in the Ischial Tuberosity and the rest of the needles are light needles surrounding the hamstring.

Gripit Active taping for a Grade 2 hamstring tear

Prior to application attach two layers of Gripit Active to each other. Round the edges of the tape, the tape should be applied with the hamstring being shortened. Apply double strength tape from hip down to the back of the knee. This type of taping assists in muscle activation but it doesn’t restrict movement.

 Kinesio taping for a Grade 2 hamstring tear

For this video the kinesio tape is applied on top of the clothes but should be applied directly on the skin. Firstly round off the corners of the kinesio tape with a pair of scissors. The tape should be applied to the hamstring that is on stretch. Apply 5cm of the tape to the upper Glute- this will form the anchor for you to now stretch the remaining part of the tape along the hamstring until you get to the ankle. When you reach the ankle, secure the tape with another 5cm anchor (as described above)

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